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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  April 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the navy sayssthe plane experienced a mechanical problem shortly afterrtakeoff. the pilots ejected.people on the round were among the first to get toothem he was in shock. still &ppim to the other side of the until rescue coull get on the scene there was a strong smell of ...because he pilots were dumping fuellbefore the ccash. emerrency officals say thht ápreventedá a much bigger exxlosion when it ttrining flight with another pilot....and oneeof them ssoke to people on the ground "he apologized sincerely for hitting our complex, and i told him don't worry about it. you just take care off yourself, we'll take care of you and everybody else will p people were injured...only 1... one of the pilots... remainn in the, there arr still some peoplee ámissingááts at least 3
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people... only the moss be searched.ding still need to - baltimore ciiy police need your help fiihttng back... in est balttmore this fire afternoon...hitting 2 people peoplejannce park live aa city police headquaattrs tonight gunman, 3
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3&ppoliie are investigating a murder in glen burnie burniepolice were called to ttis part of furnace road... victim.... ray collignon was say they're questioning anothhe person who was in the home, bbt no ccarges haveebeenn filed. 3one árealá mega millions winner comes forrard. forward."to our winnnr... yeah " "one person with a claimed theirrprize in kansas today.ábuttas you might have guessed...the winner there wanns to stay anonymous.kansas
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lotteryyofficialsswould only say ttat the winner id not pnow they had the ticket until believeethey had won couldn't ...coopare that to the situation here...the woman who ááayyá she won t big jackpott ticket! 37-year-old mirlande wilson claims she bought the winning tickkt at this 7-eleevn in milford miil. first... she said the ticket was at her home. henn.. she aid she hid it at the mcdonald's wwhre she the single mother of seven claims she lost the 100 million dollars 9:27 pauliie what do you think though abbut her saying she lost the ticket? pauline: pause. no comment. you see he 35 rry 1117 no, no she's crazy. honestly 40 how ould you lose a ticket that' sllke maryland lotterr officials say so far, no one asscome forward to claim the winning tiiket sold here. officials in ffostburg waat to pind the peeson who murdeeed...
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...a duck duck......that lived at the "glendening recreational complex"yesteeday morniig... the duck was ffuud dead... with a knife in its back.the &pknife issáveryá distinctive. &pinvestigaaors believe it willl lead them to the has a 3 inch blade......with tte federation" logooon it. pg county ffrefighters are looking for he wner of twoo pygmy goats found running through traffic. traffic.the fire department sent ussthese photos f the pair found near frederick cars were swerving to avoid hhtting them..firefightees &pcaptured the goats with heep from a nearby road crew and a passerry..hey've made &pthemmelves at home on a bookshelf at he ire station. pnyone with inffrmation should call police. when it comes to news in yoor neighborhood... see itt. shoot it.. send it. you can upload photos and vvdeoo to our website. go click on the "see it, shoot - &ppt, send it icon. you can als yyurrcell phonn to "pics at &pfoxbaltimore oo comm" 3
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d-c councilman mmrion barry... trying to make his bad day a &plittle bit betterearlier this week....he mailed a stttement saying"we got to do sometting dirty shops...they oughh to go......we need african- american businesspeople to be too."today, he tried to clarify his remarks marion barry (d)/d.c. city council ward 8: "thereeis a new spirit in ward 8, we arr not going to haae business people who come in to ward 8, poor service,,dirty of our community, not contributing to our community at all, that's going to change". change".he says his comments pere ánotá racist....and even leaaers in the asian-american &pcommuuiiy... say they don't think barry's comments werr necessarily mean spprited 3susan allen/u.s. pan asian american cchmber of commerce: "marioo barry is not a person withha ean heart, i've known
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persso but politics makes peeple do and say strangg thing. things".suuan allen says shh is ready willing and able to work withhbarry and the ward eight merchants in hopes of betttr understanding each a tough daa at the mall for a little boy in australia. australia.four year old cameron gebbiig reached inside a vending machine to grab a arm stuuk.the fire depprtment had to cut the machine open , but the rama wasn't enouuh to peep the pre-schooler awake standing uu. more than an hour later .. hh as finally pmagine gettingga 12-thousand- dollar tip... just for waiting on onn custtmer's table. table.that's exactly what happened to one waitress in minnesota.onll problem is.... police coofiscated it... saayng it wasspprt of aadrug money wasnn tied to a crime...
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the omaa's attorney believes it wassleft y someone who knew she was ssruggling financially. "whether it was n angel believe or it was some citizzn wwo gave her the money orr whhttver or they lost it the fact f theematterris justice has been done some wonderful people havv done the riiht things. " "the woman has worked as a waiiress at the estauuant for 3 3 baseball'' back in baltimore and it ggo off to a great start this seeson.nick markakis hht a two-run homer in his first at bat and the orioles went on to beat the minneeota twins four-to-two. (moment gate opens)whooo lets go o's... 2012 opening day it is..(guy in orange) hooo" whooo"win or lose... opening day is always a sppcial day in balttmore. and the o's defintely have a winning addition to the ballpaak thiss "i came here or tte fiist timm eariler in the week aad was amazee....its definetly a
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different vanttge point." he new addition comes onnthe 22th anniveesary of oriile park at camden yards. 3 3thht bringg us to our questioo pf the day.... do you think the orioles will have a pinninggseason? on our facebook page said no, but some are hopeful, especially after today's oepnnig day victory. and some un facts in honor of purchase more than 50, thousand hot dogs and sodas. and that's not all..... more 20 thousand french fries..... and over 14 thouuand chicken tenders will beesood at ccmden yards oday. clear skies tonighh... tonight......and thaa gave eveeyone a great view of the skies tonight.the ffll moon in april is also knoww as the pink mmon.people who saw i early this evening... close to huge &p---nats of ssrvice--- service--- easser wwekend services began
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---nats offservice--- service---cattolics gatheree this evening at the cathedral of maay our queen for the theechristian calendar... . - of jesusating the crucifixion 3-
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times easser coinsides with - the beginnnng of assover. levin-dall hebree geriatric seder dinner for residents and their families.passover commeratee the exodus of the israelites from egypt mooe than 3-thousand years ago. 3 a lawsuit...trying to taae the happy... out of happy mealss the commmn senne from one judde... "we hope to get folks attention" inviiiation one church sent &pout...the shocked children an offfnded parents...wwen we come back
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3 a disappointing jobs report for march marcheeployers added 120-thousand jobssin marrh. that's áhalfá the amount added for a good reason.164-thhusand
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potential workers stopped looking for jobs... ss theyy weren't counted. &pone church shocked a ccmmunit in south carolina......with an easter message t mailed to people living there.sean maginnis shoos us why the ppst-card... even offended some members of the churrh thht sent it it (nats)"who exactly are they my uestion."when joey johnson - ggt thissletter showing what pppears to show a dead aster bunny, he thouggt it was &mis over and ealized it was actually for a local ccurch wondered why a church would use such a graphic image to promote their house of worrhip. "it just makee you sit bacc and wonder. is that really necessary? is that the way to do it, is this the way to gettyour churcc recognized?" the postcard comes from the rock community church in worshippprs headed by pastor kevin childs. he says the post cards ere designed to make you takk a second look."we hope to get folkk attention." childs says e knew the cards
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would rustle somm eathers but decided tt send them anyway. "some of it wassa alculated risk. are we wwlling to offend some o get the attentioo of some other folks who have no reggrd for jesuss the church, the gosppl or easter? that's a risk we''e always willing to ake."a risk people talking about jesus get instead of the easter bunnyy "toodraw people's attention back to a savvor who was tortured to deatt to pay for their sins. contrasting that with a mythical buunn that we didn't kkll, i'm not sure it's quite as offensive."other would've taken a more modeeate apppoach. (nats)as thh wilsonnadmits it does show a moderrteey graphic scene of the crucifixion f jesus chriit. but sayy they stopped sshrt of putting tte scene in their neighbors mailboxes. "we don't put he scene of
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children can come by. parents make the choice when they ccme see this.""ilson grees with the message pastor childs the imageecoull offend believers and non-believers alike."i hope children didn't &pget this postcard." despite all the complaints... the invitttion issstill up on the church's website p3
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3 3 a lawsuit...trying to take the happy... out of haapy meals. the common sense from one n the late edition ...and why this toughhr than nails...coming up on the late edition
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happy eals come with toys... that's just common sense. thhnks so, oos like a judge ttoa judge in san francisso threw out a proposed ccass-actioo lawsuit assing to ban the toys in the staae. the cenner for science in the public interest claimed the fast-food chainnwas exploiting phiidren, using the toys to unhealthily food.mcdooald's officials say the suit waa "without merit." &ppollce might eee a little 7th grader with a 3-point-4 a . g-p-a.she earnn mmney by making things outtoo old capri sun containers.but now, she;s allegedly using a counterfeit $20 bill o buy ice cream in
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the cafeteria. williams sayy: "the officer, she just keet drilling me about wheee dii i get the poney from. she thinks that got it from somebbdy else, but it fromm" on't' knowwwho i got - the ggrl's mother says school disciplinary ction... and aboot her daughtee's dilemma. but the pollce department's school resourre officer s convinced alajha commmtted a crime. 3 wwy this tougher than nails...after thh break 3
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a new jersey man accidentally shot himself with a nail gun... and lived to tell about it. dennis hennis s a builder.he was doing sooe roofing work tried to fixxit.. but it fired off a three-and-a--alf-inch piercing his heart. the 52-year--ld was rushed tt the cardiac arrest.a teem of doctors helleddssve his life "i ttoughh i was ddne. i really did.. did.""we''e talking about a puncture wound to the heartt many things that hhd to take o 3 hennis planssto go back to --3 work.. but plans to be a lot more careful with the nail here's meteorologist emily pracey with the 7 day skywatch t forecast
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the phenominal play by rioles firsttbaseman chris daviss.. how it saved the birds late in the in sports unlimited...
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that's all for the late ediiioo....'m jeff abellmorgan adsit joins us now with sports unnimited orioles oppning day haa two majjr headlines...camden yards 20th birthdayyand jake aarieta liieup after elbow surgery llte last eeson....ittle did they know... nick markakis had other plans tt steea the oy in ame one of he season. wieters and nick markakis from last year.....he 20thh opennnggday inncamden yards hiitory...rick sutcciffe throws out the first pitch to chris hoillssjjst like he did 20 years ago....bottom of the on for nick parkakk...he's gging somewheree &phe sually oesn't... opposit field...goodbye to the seatss in left.... for the first oriole hme run offthe season...orioles ake a 2-0 lead....jake arrieta becomes
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tte youngest oriole to start oppning day since mike oo the nd... ryan douuh-mit getsscaught &plooking to end the inning.... can'tttouch the slider... arriita retired 8 in a row.... 3-0...markakis ccushes it to hardy comes around to score to 3rd with a triple...3 r---i day for arkkkis...birds up arrieta freezes justin hhts... 4 p outt...markkreynoldd' throw to irst off target..but chris davis stretches and eepp is foot on the bag...davis nnt only saves a ruu but gets he o's out of the outs...this isn't what they bbought im n to do...jooh willingham...2 run hooerr.. twins cct the lead in half.... so with one down...buck showalter calls in jim johnson &pto close it out....with the g
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ahead ruu at the plate... johnson induces the grounder to over...arrieta picks up the win on opening twins...4-2...the o's are tied for the lead in the american 3eague eass...-3 p arrieta and mmrkakis the stories of the game... markakis showing no signs from offseeson abdominal surgery... 2-for-3 with a triple and ome ruu....arrieta goes 77verr strong johnson year...oriolessgo for win the pumber 2 tomoorrw...toomy hunter faces fraaciico liriaao... &pthe rays are still hugeefans of the orioles...thanks to he o's beaaing boston in their
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the raas taking care of the yynkees walk off style...tampa &pbay reached the post season. season.but itts a brand new year in the east for the yankees and rays... . for carlos pain-ya facing cc to right...way gone for the ttp of the stripes &ptrail yankee raul 3-run shot...nnw yorkkup 6-4...- .bottom of the 9th...enner sandmmn...mariano riverr in to close....ben zobrist has other plans...cranks it to center... desmond jennings scores the pting run...r-b-i in trooble with no one out.... full of rays with one out... pain-ya can be the hhro...and he is...lifts it deep to center...drops in for the gamee winningghit...tampaabby beats the yankees in walk off style...7-6... 2nd round of the masters today...started with lee westwood at thh top of the aad always in ccotention for ...
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any major...problem is... he's neeer won one. one.only 2nd and 3rd place finishes for westwooo in majoos. .tee shot on the par 3, 12th...lands on the green a pew feet from the pin... birried but finished 1-over on the day, one stroke ff the bbrdie on 8...nope....putting for ar on 9...lips ouu..hh bogeyed....approach shot on 13...from thh rough to a water tiger's not happy with it...... shoots a 75 on day 2 to sit at couples making a charge up the leaderboard...sinkk thh long 18...with a difficult chip... landssnicely onntte green...677 now old enough for the senior tour....tied for the lead at 5-unner... that'll do it for this edition
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of sportssunlimiiedd..iim morgan adsit...
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